School Daze

Something easy and simple for a short day of school. I decided to stick with deep neutral colors. Nothing to fancy but still stylish. Most of the things that I wear have to be pretty practical and functional because I spend most of my time running around school and so this is something I would wear on a typical day.

I'm having a bit of a crisis. A gift card to spend and conflicting ideas on what to buy. I've narrowed it down too 2 options but I can't decide between them. They're both so different. Small and round vs big, square & pointy. Eeep! So hard to choose!

Photos from 80's Purple
EP - 'Pointer' Vintage Sunglasses
EP - 'Warhol II' small round wayfarer (47mm)

Any ideas???

xoxo, Tiff


Chelsea Lane said...

your outfit is gorgeousssss! I like the round sunnies myself :) love your bog! following now :)


Annebeth said...

I love the maxi :) very nice with the leather jacket! and about the sunglasses: I love em both and personally I would wear the round ones more often, but those angular ones are much harder to find! I searched the stores for a similar shaped style last year and I didn't come across any. But you'll have to choose yourself! :D

Sonya_Lustopad said...

I love your look! really nice! maxi dress is adorable!))


Neysa Bové said...

i vote for the last sunnies, hot shape for the summer :)xo -nb