Lacy Curls

Lace Cardigan: Thrifted Skirt: H&M Shoes:UB

This is a sight you will probably never see again: curly hair. My locks are so super straight that it impossible to curl. The only reason they're like this is because I went to the hairdresser today (my bangs were so long I couldn't see!) Enjoy it while it lasts. I am. Something thrown together for another warm winter day. I thrifted this top a while back and figured it was about time to show it off. For what ever reason I wanted my outfit to have a 70's vibe today and I think I did so but in a very subtle/modern manner. You can never go wrong with clogs and a maxi skirt. Enjoy your weekend!



Annebeth said...

clogs, lace and gorgeous hair! your hair is seriously amazingly styled, I love it :)

Kate said...

Gorgeous lace cardigan, it's beautiful!! Love the clogs too. :)

Lynn said...

cute outfit and hair! you look so pretty and those clogs are awesome. thanks so much for your sweet words, much appreciated. happy sunday eve! ♥

Bella said...

You should really consider modeling as a career!
I love your outfit, especially the lace cardigan <3

Death By Shoe said...

Great outfit! The lace is so pretty and I love the color :)


freesia said...

Wow you look beautiful with your hair curled!!!! im total opposite sometimes my hair will not stay straight, my little curl appear all the time!!!