Inspiration: Denim Cutoffs

As the weather heats up (which it seems to be doing on a daily basis) I find myself falling in love all over again with my favorite pair of these simple treasures.Where would I be without them? I have a strong feeling they will get a lot of use within the next month seeing as how lately I have been drawn to very simple, easy outfits. As my AP tests and finals grow nearer I find my self reading textbooks more than magazines, flipping through flashcards rather than shopping racks and using every ounce of free time to break out the highlighters and my review guides (which now go everywhere with me). I've fully dedicated myself to the cause. AP Lang. AP US History. I will destroy you come May. (That way I'll actually have time to blog!) 

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Viva Las Vegas

Driving 4 long hours.
Chicken noodle soup for lunch at Stateline.
Pretty spring tulips at the Bellagio.
Sigh, the [mini] Eiffel Tower.
Details of my new favorite place, the Cosmopolitan. Even the lights are super flyyy.
I can't get enough of this hotel.
Yours Truly :)
Me at the end of the day...I was super tired.

Day uno of my fabulous trip to fabulous Las Vegas... in photos! I feel like these pictures are a good summary of my day (pretty much in order at that) and the smallest amount of text possible would suffice.   (A week late but like I always say better late than never at all!)
Outfit previously worn here!



17. Today is my seventeenth birthday. After 4 days in Las Vegas (which I will go into later) I'm having a rather lazy celebration. Plus no one really cares about 17. I personally think its an ugly number but that's beside the point. I did however want to share with you my absolute favorite gift ever! After hunting for the store in Las Vegas I had given up all hope when someone told us it left just a week early, only to go one hotel over to find that it had moved into a shiny new home. After trying it on, there was no way I could leave the city without it. :) Well, I'm off to do birthday things & I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!


April Showers...

lightweight tops/chiffon maxi skirts/floppy '70s hats/intricate pendants/ vintage cameras/leopard loafers/spring is in the air.
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