Think Pink

Think Pink
Think Pink by BlueLovee featuring a rose gold ring

October is breast cancer awareness month...let the love spread!

Purple is the Color

     Today was class color day at my school and being that I’m a junior and the junior color is purple I was forced to wear my least favorite color. This is practically the only purple thing I own. The last few days have been crazy spirit/dress up days so instead of going all out I decided to take my one purple top and build an outfit around it. It turned out better than expected and so I though I should post it on chictopia. I’m starting to get the hang of the photo-blog now but I’m always so unsure about what outfits to post. I guess I’ll figure it out some day. Tomorrow is Homecoming and I don’t know what to wear. Ah! What a crisis I know. Anyway that’s it for know.



What started out as a Rainy Day

Today was a rather rainy and gloomy day so to brighten things up I decided to wear an outfit with very soft light colors. Plus while everyone is simply wearing sweatshirts and jeans I get to stand out a bit, which is never a bad thing. This was my second time wearing my new boots (which I adore) and so I decided to add the knee high socks in order to give them a new style. Plus it was actually cold so they really helped. I probably wear my beret to often. Oh but how I love it so.
My younger brother took these photos and that's why some of them are..er "crooked". One might call it that.

 The weather cleared up this afternoon and the rain stopped so I was able to take theses photos. Hope you like.



A Rainy Day

It actually rained. In Southern California. Can you believe it? That's probably it for about year. That's what inspired my latest polyvore creation. Its somewhat similar to what I wore today...but a little (lot) different. Anyways its getting late and I still have an AP Lang & Comp project to finish soo...Goodnight!



♥ shopping

Yesterday I had a great shopping day which was rather successful. We went to the outdoor mall by my house even though it was super hot. The things we do in the name of fashion. I'd been searching everywhere for a watch when I happened across this beauty. Its pink. Its shinny. And its Minnie Mouse. Call me a dork but its perfect. lol But hey I'm from SoCal...I practically live at Disneyland so who can blame me. I also found these super cute boots. I love the way they have this hard, edgy kind of look but not too edgy. I can't wait to wear them. What else...I hit the jackpot at Gap. I found a preppy little navy skirt, a green v-neck (on sale:) and what could possibly be my new favorite thing. Its like a cardigan mixed with a sweater vest. Not really sure what to call but its awesome. Yeahh well that was my big shopping day. Of course I bought a few other things but nothing worth blogging.

Boots: Macys
Skirt, Sweater, V-neck: Gap
Watch: Khols (lol)

Minnie Mouse!

My new favorite shoes

This is what we came home to...
...who knew something so cute could be so evil.
[That's my puppy Lucy]


Trending Now

It may still be sunny in California, but fall is starting to show is first signs elsewhere as the leaves begin to turn golden colors. The must have jacket for those days where it's not warm enough to go without but not cold enough to break out the heavy winter coats is definitely the boyfriend blazer. They come in basically every color of the rainbow. The best part is they go with everything!! Jeans and a tee shirt. Check. Shorts and a tank. Check. Dresses. Check. I think you get my point: The list goes on. That's what makes these jackets so lovable. You can use the same jacket over and over again without looking repetitive. Plus, they're just so darn cute.

Just some different ways to style the jacket.