Latest Obsession

Mod Cloth - Asos - Nastygal - Fashiolista (Image Via)

     Lately I have found myself obsessed with sequins. I've always  had a fixation for sparkly items before but all of a sudden I can’t get enough of the idea of shiny sequins. I've been on the hunt for the perfect sequin dress...or top or skirt or well you get the picture. It's out there somewhere waiting for me. Although I'm still not sure where this obsession came from...
Hope you having a wonderful week. Remember- there's only one more day until Friday! 


p.s. I just wanted to thank all of you for reading my blog and being so supportive. Reading your comments always brightens even the gloomiest of my days.  :)


You Can't Always Get What You Want

Shorts: Hollister Tights: Target Boots: MIA Blazer: American Rag Rolling Stones Tee: Random

     For all of you out there wondering where I've been for the past week I have one word for you: School. It makes my life difficult. School takes up all of my time and tires me out to the point where I don't even fell like getting dressed. I've been living in jeans and sweatshirts the last week. I know, I know- bad bad blogger. Very bad. Not only that but this bipolar California weather has got me in quite the fashion-funk. Sunny and warm one day. Cloudy and windy the next and out of nowhere bam-rain. I can't figure out what season I'm dressing for. On top of that the weatherman keeps feeding me lies! Anyway enough with the ranting. Major props to all you lovelies who keep reading my blog in spite of the lack of a posting schedule. How I miss the days of winter break where I could blog till my hearts content. At least spring break it right around the corner. Eep!
     You probably wouldn't realize this but underneath my sweet exterior lies a true rocker. No poppy music for me- its all about the good ol rock n' roll. I'm talking Beatles, Rolling Stones, ACDC,  Aerosmith, Van Halen etc etc. There in lies the inspiration behind todays outfit. It's a shame I have such little musical ability and so I express my love for it in the same way I do most other things- fashion. Through what I wear and my personal style.

     I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I'm taking it pretty easy and enjoying my three days off. :)



I'll Be My Own Valentine

American Rag: Dress & Blouse AE Shoes 
      Although I'm not doing anything special for Valentines I still felt like wearing something for the occasion. Red & pink seem to be the go to colors, both of which I have little in my closet so I grabbed this (redish) floral dress and my lace blouse. 
     For me, Valentines Day has always been marked as the day before I can get big boxes of chocolate for half price at the supermarket. While the idea that we should splurge on fancy flowers, chocolates and candy hearts this one day a year is a bit too commercial for me, I like the concept of Valentines Day; Love. I hope everyone's day is filled with lots of love and happiness and all that comes with it!

Love, Tiffany

Here we go, come with me
There's a world out there that we should see
Take my hand, close your eyes
With you right here, I'm a rocketeer
-Far East Movement


Floral Romance

Jacket: Levis Blouse & Shorts:H&M Tights: Vera Wang
Scarf: Vintage Shoes: Urban Outfitters

     The soft colors and vintage floral pattern of this scarf have such a unique & romantic feel to them. Scarves are among the most versatile of accessories. One simple scarf can be transformed into a belt, a bow, a head wrap, or even as an extra adornment on a bag. I really like the way the maroon tights match the accent colors on the scarf; it makes for a good pair. I also love the subtle juxtaposition of the fancy scarf with the worn denim jacket. These shorts have quickly become one of my favorite items. Not only do they go well with many different pieces in my closet, I have a feeling they will be a wonderful transition piece into spring. Woolen and warm for cold winter days, (when worn with tights that is) yet springy and soft for the days warm enough to go barelegged. I do hope those days arrive-soon! It's been a bit warmer here, but not quite enough for me taste. I just can't wait for the longer days, by the time I get home from school and convince someone to help me the sunlight is practically gone. How I long to spring forward! 


Thanks for all of your support!


Sunday Inspiration

I saw this spread the other day and instantly fell in love and couldn't resist sharing it with you guys. Sorry for the recent lack of posts but later today or Monday I should be back with something new just for you. (Gotta love accidental rhyming.) 

Enjoy your [super bowl] Sunday!

Photos: Behati Prinsloo by Mariano Vivanco for Vogue Turkey


SPRING is in the AIR

This spring season I'm thinking light browns, soft pinks, flowy fabrics, golden sparkles, and the all around feeling that I'm in wonderland. This items capture my idea of spring. The blossoming flowers, light breezes, and the shining sun.
I hope everyones week has been wonderful so far.


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