Under Construction

     This is what I wore today. I just got this sweater this weekend and I absolutely adore it! Its cashmere and has an amazing print. Never before have I owned animal print. I was considering getting the sweater in red but changed my mind because fashion is one big experiment. It was something new that I had never tried before and while it might seem silly to you the thought of that excited me. :)
{I realize the photos are boring but I was in a hurry and it is so windy outside you can hardly stand!}

Collar under Sweater...♥

Some changes are coming!

     I must point out that when I decided to start this blog it was a spur-of-the-moment-lets-do-something-crazy kind of idea. Never did I imagine having this much fun even though my blog is still new. This is the sort of thing that takes some thinking, starting a blog that is. You need to have a well thought out plan and clear goals in mind. Having that been said I don't regret my decision to do this even if it was a whimsy. This could possible be the best thing I have done for myself all year.
     However as the third month comes to a close I have decided to make some changes. I have big plans in store for this little blog. A new layout, new post ideas, new design and possibly a new name. (For all you new bloggers out there don't make the same mistake as moi; carefully pick a name that you really love) I can't wait to finish it. I think you will all enjoy it much more than what I have now. Hopefully all my renovations will be complete by the end of the week.

     I would like to extend my undying love to my followers (all 7 of you) and to all my readers. All of your comments result in a huge smile on my face. Thank you so very much for taking your time to stop by.

Love Always, Tiffany


Happy Thanksgiving!

Sweater: Gap Skirt: H&M
     Well, I'll keep this short and sweet since most of you are busy eating turkey and what not. This is a rather simple look; very black-white & all the shades in between. I have a small family so Thanksgiving doesn't require too much dressing up but I suppose this outfit is more than my typical casual look. I am however very thankful for my beautiful new shoes! I just got them last night and I am in love. I have a lot of black shoes so I wanted something that wasn't black but still went with everything. I had also been looking for a cute pair of lace up booties so why not kill two birds with one stone...or turkeys for that matter.
Enjoy your holiday!

With Love, Tiff


Featured Article

By chance I happened to log on to Wikifashion to see what was going on and it turns out I was the featured article. :D I was very happy to see that and thought I'd share that bit of news with you before I headed out to dinner. For those of you who haven't, you should def check the site out.

With Love. Tiff

A Walk in the Park

Sweater: Mom's Closet
Scarf: Old Navy
Jeans: Hollister
Boots: Macys

Today I found nothing good to wear in my closet so I uncharacteristically made my way to my moms closet where I found this brunt orange sweater. I've never even seen her wear it! It's a little big but it works. The trend this fall seems to be over sized sweaters anyway.

I paired it with a scarf I've had for years. I love the colors of it for 2 reasons. One: They work for any season; spring, summer, fall or winter. Two: It goes with almost anything in my closet. (and appaerently my moms too:) As usual I wore my favorite pocketwatch neaklace. I bought on ebay a few months back for .99 cents and it actually works! I love it. It's as simple as that.

I felt like taking a few photos outside since the sun decided to show itself. My brother and I took my dog for a walk in the park across the street and he was my little photographer. However I think next time we will leave Lucy at home. She has the attention span of a flea and wont sit still for photos. The second you say "walk" she goes absolutly balistic and once you're outside she just wants to run. For a little dog she sure causes a lot of trouble.

I have probably posted more pictures of Lucy than anything else. What can I say, I love my dog. She's just so darn cute. :)

With Love. Tiff

A Little Bit of Inspiration

A few pictures of what I find to be inspiring. I especially love the outfit the last girl is wearing. It looks warm and chic all at the same time. On another note...I've been thinking of getting a haircut lately. I want to do something before Christmas b/c it looks a mess right now and I'm going to see relatives I haven't seen in years so yeah I don't want to look too awful. What do you guys think about bangs...? Like the straight across ones? comments are always appreciated. :)

With Love. Tiff


My Artwork

These are some paintings I did a while back. Just thought I'd share them with you.

 This was a pop -art piece I did at school. The assignment was to pick our favorite celebrity and of course I picked a Beatle :) George Harrison to be exact.
This was just something I did in my free time. It's an "abstract" painting of my puppy, Lucy. See the resemblance. I think she was a bit fluffier when I painted it.

With Love, Tiff

I [heart] Denim

So this is what I wore to dinner tonight with some family friends.

Blouse: Thrifted
Jacket: Gap
Skirt: Unknown?

 The pictures are kinda crappy but I didn't have time before we left and it was dark when we got home. Inside pics are horrible b/c the lighting is so bad but I liked the outfit and wanted to share it with you. (The waitress even complimented me so I knew I did something right) The heart blouse was a recent find at Crossroads in Costa Mesa. Yesterday I went to look at the Long Beach State campus and it was like 8 minutes away so I couldn't help but stop. It's that time of my "high school life" when everyone starts asking me what my plans for the future are and we've gone on an increasing number of "college road trips". Just a few weeks ago we went to UCSB. Over Xmas break I'm going to my grandmothers and my family wants to go see the Boise State campus. Are they trying to tell me something...

With Love, Tiff


We Are E-R!

So here are the promised photos of my new sweater.

I am absolutely in love with my Letterman sweater. And for all of those wondering I actually lettered in Yearbook which is strange b/c I didn't even know that was possible. When my yearbook buddies and I got our letters we were like well, we aren't going to pay $400 for a huge bulky jacket...for yearbook. I mean we got like the two patches. My friend Maria suggested sweaters as a joke, and it turns out they actually make Letterman sweaters. WHO KNEW! So after making like a bazillion color/font/size/placement choices (they had a wall of fonts...completely filled with options) I finally got it last night and I don't ever want to take it off. Its the perfect cardigan! I love for 4 reasons in particular. 1: It's super warm & comfy 2: It's perfect for just having lettered in one activity 3: It's wayyy more stylish than a jacket & you can wear it on wayyy more occasions and 4: It was more than half the cost of a jacket.
So for all you high school athletes (or yearbookies) I would so suggest the sweater.
I'm really happy today but I'm also really sad. I'm happy because we get a 4 day weekend for veterans day and a Furlow day and It's starting to feel like fall whether ( It was below 70!) but I'm really sad b/c I have to go to the stupid dentist and they always want to do freaky things to my teeth. Ahh!
I've got to go brush my teeth so bye for now!

With Love, Tiff


Trending Now

Ankle. Over-the-Knee. Thigh High. You wear them. I wear them.
We all wear them.
     Socks have been popping up everywhere in all styles, colors and materials. What used to be simple everyday garments have now become an essential accessory for this fall. During the warmer part of the season we saw plenty of people pair fun, shorter socks with heels. However as the cold fronts roll in they seem to be getting higher and higher. They look great with heels, boot, flats- any shoe really. These fashionable socks will allow us to wear shorts and skirts throughout the winter months without freezing. They help add dynamic to otherwise simple outfits. My personal fave is adding them over tights. I kinda "scrunched" them down a bit and it turned out really cute. Too bad I didn't take a photo. Uhg I am so bad a taking photos of my outfits. That's probably why there are like 2 outfit posts. But I promise to get better. This is only my 3rd month blogging. I'm still trying to get the hang of things and I'm waiting to see where this blog is going to go...
     [anyway back to the topic]
     Usually "sock shopping" is the most boring type of shopping there is but not anymore. My mom used to just buy me the value pack of plain white socks and when I told her I why I wanted to go shopping she gave me this look that said...really? I am now the proud over of several fabulous pairs of socks. I can honestly say that with out any shame. I even bought a pair of bright red thigh-highs; can't wait to bust 'em out for x-mas (which is only 46 days away...and don't tell me you're not counting)

With Love, Tiff

P.S. I just got my Letterman sweater today and I cannot wait to post a pic. I absolutely love it. It looks like it came straight out of grease. hehe :)



     Happy November! I realise that I'm a few days late but better late then never right. So I've decided that from now on (depending on how this first time goes) I will put together an outfit that I think captures the "fashion essence" of the month. As soon as I saw this jacket I feel in love. I only wish I had one exactly like it. Camel is definatly the color of the season so there was no way to avoid adding something camel. Hope you enjoy :)

     November is that month to give back. A time of giving and thanks. It's the start of that wonderful holiday season, where everyone seems to be in high spirits. When you reflect on the year that past way to quickly. Whether you donate canned foods or have a toy drive for kids, do something good this month that has a positive effect on your community. What might seem like the smallest thing to you, can mean the world to someone else.

With Love, Tiff


Wow...I really can't remember the last time I posted anything. (Sorry guys) I've been really sick lately and missed a lot of school so I've been playing catch up for a while BUT I promise to have something of substance with in the next day or two. I'm just glad it is finally Friday :)
Is anyone as excited as me?