Little Blonde Minnie Muse

This little guy talks. He said "Hello" to my mom.

Sweater: Forever 21
Skirt: H&M
Being the huge Disney fan that I am, I couldn't resist the Minnie Muse collection at Forever 21. My mom bought me this sweater for Christmas and I just love it. It's so cute how they made Minnie look Paris-Chic. Adorable! Today we went to downtown Riverside to hang out at the Mission Inn. It was a fun day of looking at old buildings and things. There were plenty of stores filled with old antiques and trinkets. We had lunch in city hall and even went to the California Museum of Photography. I wanted something comfortable since we were doing a lot of walking so I opted for my black flats and my new maxi skirt which I have fallen in love with. These are my last few days before going back to school. Very sad... I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 

xoxo, Tiff

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jessica wu said...

love your maxi skirt, and this looks really beautiful/fun ;D