As Seen From Space

Whenever I wear this top I feel like someone really could see me from space. The color is just so bright which is exactly what attracted me to it in the store (although I'm not really sure how I could have missed it). Neon yellow is defiantly a favorite of mine this summer. I've got quite a bit going on now that I'm making one last trip before my summer ends. This will definatly be something that I pack. Simple, cute and it doesn't take up a lot of room in a suitcase! I just can't believe that two weeks from now I'll be back in school and for my senior year nonetheless! 

Top: H&M Ring: YSL 
Sunnies: 80's Purple



It occurred to me last night that I never posted a July outfit. Then I looked back at my archives and realized I never even posted a June outfit! I blame summer. To make up for it I combined them and even added a third look just for fun. I'd like to think that the progression from pants to shorts and the shrinking amount of fabric in each outfit is symbolic of the fact that it just keeps getting hotter here in Cali. How do you keep cool and stay stylish in this summer heat?


P.S. Guess what? I took outfit pics! Be on the look out for those! 

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Straight Off the Runway

I spotted this collection not to long ago & immediately fell in love. Not only are all of the pieces are wearable but I'm obsessing over the color pallet.  (Don't even get me started on those wonderfully flowy dresses.) Now if only those clothes would walk straight off the runway & into my closet...


Theskens Theory Resort 2012


That Summer Sunshine

Hello Again!
I'm back from my adventures on the East Coast and after about a week of recovery I'm ready to get this blog back up and running. I must say I have been pretty lazy this summer. It seems like I spend most of my days in either a swimsuit or some boring tank top/shorts combo and sadly neither option is very fashionable. Plus, it has been unbearably hot; sometimes I feel like I live in the desert!
Anyway, I thought I'd get things going with a bit of inspiration full of Summer Sand & Sun.

Maybe this will finally motivate me to actually think while I dress again..

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