We Are E-R!

So here are the promised photos of my new sweater.

I am absolutely in love with my Letterman sweater. And for all of those wondering I actually lettered in Yearbook which is strange b/c I didn't even know that was possible. When my yearbook buddies and I got our letters we were like well, we aren't going to pay $400 for a huge bulky jacket...for yearbook. I mean we got like the two patches. My friend Maria suggested sweaters as a joke, and it turns out they actually make Letterman sweaters. WHO KNEW! So after making like a bazillion color/font/size/placement choices (they had a wall of fonts...completely filled with options) I finally got it last night and I don't ever want to take it off. Its the perfect cardigan! I love for 4 reasons in particular. 1: It's super warm & comfy 2: It's perfect for just having lettered in one activity 3: It's wayyy more stylish than a jacket & you can wear it on wayyy more occasions and 4: It was more than half the cost of a jacket.
So for all you high school athletes (or yearbookies) I would so suggest the sweater.
I'm really happy today but I'm also really sad. I'm happy because we get a 4 day weekend for veterans day and a Furlow day and It's starting to feel like fall whether ( It was below 70!) but I'm really sad b/c I have to go to the stupid dentist and they always want to do freaky things to my teeth. Ahh!
I've got to go brush my teeth so bye for now!

With Love, Tiff

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Tammy Hawkins said...

Could you possibly tell me the company you used for this sweater. My daughter loves it and wants info on it thanks. you can email me at thaw2011@gmail.com