I [heart] Denim

So this is what I wore to dinner tonight with some family friends.

Blouse: Thrifted
Jacket: Gap
Skirt: Unknown?

 The pictures are kinda crappy but I didn't have time before we left and it was dark when we got home. Inside pics are horrible b/c the lighting is so bad but I liked the outfit and wanted to share it with you. (The waitress even complimented me so I knew I did something right) The heart blouse was a recent find at Crossroads in Costa Mesa. Yesterday I went to look at the Long Beach State campus and it was like 8 minutes away so I couldn't help but stop. It's that time of my "high school life" when everyone starts asking me what my plans for the future are and we've gone on an increasing number of "college road trips". Just a few weeks ago we went to UCSB. Over Xmas break I'm going to my grandmothers and my family wants to go see the Boise State campus. Are they trying to tell me something...

With Love, Tiff

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