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Ankle. Over-the-Knee. Thigh High. You wear them. I wear them.
We all wear them.
     Socks have been popping up everywhere in all styles, colors and materials. What used to be simple everyday garments have now become an essential accessory for this fall. During the warmer part of the season we saw plenty of people pair fun, shorter socks with heels. However as the cold fronts roll in they seem to be getting higher and higher. They look great with heels, boot, flats- any shoe really. These fashionable socks will allow us to wear shorts and skirts throughout the winter months without freezing. They help add dynamic to otherwise simple outfits. My personal fave is adding them over tights. I kinda "scrunched" them down a bit and it turned out really cute. Too bad I didn't take a photo. Uhg I am so bad a taking photos of my outfits. That's probably why there are like 2 outfit posts. But I promise to get better. This is only my 3rd month blogging. I'm still trying to get the hang of things and I'm waiting to see where this blog is going to go...
     [anyway back to the topic]
     Usually "sock shopping" is the most boring type of shopping there is but not anymore. My mom used to just buy me the value pack of plain white socks and when I told her I why I wanted to go shopping she gave me this look that said...really? I am now the proud over of several fabulous pairs of socks. I can honestly say that with out any shame. I even bought a pair of bright red thigh-highs; can't wait to bust 'em out for x-mas (which is only 46 days away...and don't tell me you're not counting)

With Love, Tiff

P.S. I just got my Letterman sweater today and I cannot wait to post a pic. I absolutely love it. It looks like it came straight out of grease. hehe :)

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