Happy Thanksgiving!

Sweater: Gap Skirt: H&M
     Well, I'll keep this short and sweet since most of you are busy eating turkey and what not. This is a rather simple look; very black-white & all the shades in between. I have a small family so Thanksgiving doesn't require too much dressing up but I suppose this outfit is more than my typical casual look. I am however very thankful for my beautiful new shoes! I just got them last night and I am in love. I have a lot of black shoes so I wanted something that wasn't black but still went with everything. I had also been looking for a cute pair of lace up booties so why not kill two birds with one stone...or turkeys for that matter.
Enjoy your holiday!

With Love, Tiff


Megan said...

those shoes are gorgeous :)
probably my favourite style

Hen said...

Love the sweater and shoes!

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