Floral Romance

Jacket: Levis Blouse & Shorts:H&M Tights: Vera Wang
Scarf: Vintage Shoes: Urban Outfitters

     The soft colors and vintage floral pattern of this scarf have such a unique & romantic feel to them. Scarves are among the most versatile of accessories. One simple scarf can be transformed into a belt, a bow, a head wrap, or even as an extra adornment on a bag. I really like the way the maroon tights match the accent colors on the scarf; it makes for a good pair. I also love the subtle juxtaposition of the fancy scarf with the worn denim jacket. These shorts have quickly become one of my favorite items. Not only do they go well with many different pieces in my closet, I have a feeling they will be a wonderful transition piece into spring. Woolen and warm for cold winter days, (when worn with tights that is) yet springy and soft for the days warm enough to go barelegged. I do hope those days arrive-soon! It's been a bit warmer here, but not quite enough for me taste. I just can't wait for the longer days, by the time I get home from school and convince someone to help me the sunlight is practically gone. How I long to spring forward! 


Thanks for all of your support!


thechyrelgomez said...

love the tights and photo of the sunset. :)

freesia said...

Love sunset photos and this ones are lovely, your scarf is beautiful!!! and agree the tights are fantastic!

Annebeth said...

Gorgeous pictures :) I already loved the outfit before I saw the tights, but they take it to a whole new level! very chic, I love that little scarf :)

crystal glamour said...

great pics :)