Whats in my bag?

What you carry in bag says a lot about you. I've always found the contents of others bags interesting. Mine usually contains school supplies and the bare necessities. 

1.Dylan Black Hobo c/o Nixon & Teen Vogue
2.Gigantic Binder
3.Nixon Headphones
4.Bath & Body Works Dancing Waters Hand Sanitizer 
5.Coach Wristlet (that I use as a wallet) 
6. Pens, Pencils & Highlighters
7.Pencil Case
8.80's Purple Sunnies
9.Coach Glasses & Case
10. Small Makeup Bag with Hello Kitty Compact, Brush, Nail File & Face Sheets
11.My Beloved iPhone
12. Audrey Hepburn Notepad
13. Flash-drive

What do you find is impossible to leave home without? Leave a comment & let me know!!


elvi said...

Cute hello kitty bag! I love that you have so many tiny bags in your bag!

Nina said...

As soon as I saw that hello kitty compact, I knew I have to follow you :)
Just discovered your blog, and seriously, I love it. You seem like such a friendly, down-to-earth person.

I'm browsing on my cellphone now, but as soon as I get to a computer, I will follow you!

Oh and btw, I ADORE your blog name. It immediately caught my eye. It's adorable :)