Hello loves! 

It's been a while...almost a month. Good news is my AP tests are officially over and I'm almost 100% certain I passed them both; which is good seeing as how I spent every spare minute studying (and not blogging). Just ask my mom, I think I was actually starting to annoy her towards the end there. I figured I'd kick things off with May's creation. A good way to get back into the groove. I must say, I still love all the color we’re seeing this spring. I really liked this outfit for two reasons. 1. It's simple & cool (by cool I mean it already feels like summer here! SoCal tends to mush spring into one week and then jump ahead to summer.) 2. The über bright colors and Mickey Mouse ears give it a playful feeling that contrasts with the structure of the belt/watch/flats. It must be that English student in me that has this strange compulsive need to over-analyze and give metaphorical meanings to everything; even when the situation does not require it. Kind of like now. Hopefully that will come in handy in college.
Anyway, thanks for sticking with me through this little hiatus. The good news is now my mind is clear & stress free, school is almost over, and I’m back to blogging! :D


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