Outfit of the Day: Business as Usual

I seem to base most of my looks on business style. I live for structured outfits.
H&M: Shorts, Belt, Clutch
Apt 9: Blouse
Target:  Flats

I love shorts. If I had to, I could survive in shorts for the rest of my life. No pants, no skirts-just shorts. Maybe it's the free feeling you get when your legs are exposed. Knowing you can run, jump, skip, climb-anything. Or the comforts of being completely fuss free. My shorts used to be strictly denim but this S/S season I am beyond excited to dive into the more versatile side of shorts. Whether they are composed of delicate fabrics like lace and knit or dyed bright colors like yellow, pink, and blue you will (hopefully) be seeing them on me. Of course I will never leave my trusty denim cutoffs behind.
Today was one of the first days it's been warm enough to wear shorts (sans-tights) even though my legs are rather ghost-like. But what do you expect after being bundled up for months in jeans, pants, and tights. Even in California the weather can be brutal. In a previous post I mentioned the fact that these shorts will make a good transition piece and boy was I right! This is probably my favorite blouse; it’s defiantly in my top 10. I love the business-y vibe of a classy button up. This outfit sums up my "school uniform" nicely. Six in the morning is not the best time for me to get dressed, let alone be waking up. I am such a night owl. Simple top. Simple bottom. Simple shoes. (I go to like the one of the top 5 largest high schools in CA which means comfy shoes are a necessary  just for walking from class to class:) And simple accessories. Simple+Stylish= Happy Me. Of course I could never carry around such a little clutch at school. My bag weighs a bajillion pounds. It's a wonder I can even carry it!
How do you fit all the essentials into a small bag?



freesia said...

Adore your little bag, i know this little ones are so uncofortable to wear but they are so cute!!!!
And your look is fantastic neutrals with a pop of color!!!!!! Love it!!

VictorianKitty said...

Adorable outfit! I really like the business look with the shorts; it suits you very well.

Mouset said...

Always classy and cute in your style.

Victoria said...

Very classy and chic :)

C. said...


tereza said...

hey, you´ve got beautiful hair

Annebeth said...

this is so chic, elegant and beautiful :) the coral purse is the great pop of color!

loveandpeaceF said...

I love this outfit and have actually been waiting to buy similar pieces when it gets just a little warmer! And as for bags..I CRAM! :)

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