The Natural Details

Gotta love when the puppy walks in on the picture. Here are some detail shots from yesterday's outfit. I was wearing a sweatshirt like jumper and denim shorts. Nothing fancy, just a lazy Thursday. I did however manage to make what would've been a boring outfit a little more stylish. Where would we be without accessories?

Happy Friday! The weekend is here!

Shoes: M.I.A.
Ring: Crossroads Trading Co
Earrings: Miscellaneous Shop in Santa Barbara


Lauren said...

beautiful shoes...
giveaway on my blog.. :)

freesia said...

Cute sandals!!!!


they are awesome!

VictorianKitty said...

Great shoes!! They will be perfect for spring.

I have a terrible time with my cats getting into my photos, so I know how you feel. :-D

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