Playing in the Park

Doesn't she just look so excited?


Top: Crossroads Blouse: Macy's Jeans: Billabong

     Yesterday we went to Prado Regional Park near my house to take photos for my grandmothers Christmas present. Shes super picky and only ever seems to like homemade gifts so this year we got her a huge collage frame that we are going to fill with the photos. I think (for shooting with my family) that they came out wonderful. The park was soo beautiful; it reminded me of my home in Pennsylvania. I really miss the nature part of living there and so this was like a little taste to satisfy my craving. I just found out that we are going to my Grandmother's house for Christmas this year! If you want nature it doesn't get more basic than Idaho. It snowed like 10 inches this past weekend! I haven't seen snow in over 3 years so I'm really excited. The only part I'm not to thrilled about it the 14 hour car ride with my parents, brother and dog. Should be interesting.

*Sorry for the over-load of pictures but I just couldn't decide*



oomph. said...

the second picture is great...with the lake/pond & ducks?


mixnmatch1 said...

what a great pic with the little dog,looks so cute in its little hat :P