What started out as a Rainy Day

Today was a rather rainy and gloomy day so to brighten things up I decided to wear an outfit with very soft light colors. Plus while everyone is simply wearing sweatshirts and jeans I get to stand out a bit, which is never a bad thing. This was my second time wearing my new boots (which I adore) and so I decided to add the knee high socks in order to give them a new style. Plus it was actually cold so they really helped. I probably wear my beret to often. Oh but how I love it so.
My younger brother took these photos and that's why some of them are..er "crooked". One might call it that.

 The weather cleared up this afternoon and the rain stopped so I was able to take theses photos. Hope you like.



Annebeth said...

you have amazing style! you have softness going on in the pastels, toughened up by the amazing boots and the black accessories, but the best part is that the fact that your actual garments aren't that sugary sweet but more menswear inspired and casual makes the contrast between the pastels and the boots quite subtle. Fashion is a science and you aced this test! :D

Effi said...

love your style! the scarf and cardigan are gorgeous, and basiclly the everything in your outfit, haha(: great blog by the way...
I'll follow your blog if you'll follow mine:

Sassi said...

great outfit. love your style!

Maddalena said...

Very cute outfit :D

augustalolita said...

lovely outfit!! i love the scarf and boots <3 the layering is fantastic!! and great photos :)