♥ shopping

Yesterday I had a great shopping day which was rather successful. We went to the outdoor mall by my house even though it was super hot. The things we do in the name of fashion. I'd been searching everywhere for a watch when I happened across this beauty. Its pink. Its shinny. And its Minnie Mouse. Call me a dork but its perfect. lol But hey I'm from SoCal...I practically live at Disneyland so who can blame me. I also found these super cute boots. I love the way they have this hard, edgy kind of look but not too edgy. I can't wait to wear them. What else...I hit the jackpot at Gap. I found a preppy little navy skirt, a green v-neck (on sale:) and what could possibly be my new favorite thing. Its like a cardigan mixed with a sweater vest. Not really sure what to call but its awesome. Yeahh well that was my big shopping day. Of course I bought a few other things but nothing worth blogging.

Boots: Macys
Skirt, Sweater, V-neck: Gap
Watch: Khols (lol)

Minnie Mouse!

My new favorite shoes

This is what we came home to...
...who knew something so cute could be so evil.
[That's my puppy Lucy]


mixnmatch1 said...

great post,makes me want to go shopping now,cute puppy too :P

Annebeth said...

hahaha our cats leave us cute surprises too, like dead mice or cat vomit. Aren't pets the greatest? :D

if you have the time, drop me some love at my blog, http://stylingdutchman.blogspot.com

freesia said...

Cute puppy!!!! im jelous of your watch , its adorable :D!!!!!