The Happiest Place on Earth

Something that I've always found a bit difficult is looking stylish at places like amusement parks. It can be difficult to find the perfect balance between comfort and style, especially during summer. However it finally seems like I have found my balance. A lightweight lacy top, my favorite denim shorts and a shiny pair of gold gladiator sandals. Top it off with a small carryall satchel and the perfect sunnies and you're good to go (or at least I am!) I've also found that crimping my hair makes it look a little less crazy after going on a few roller coasters, which just so happen to be my favorite :)
Have a fantastic weekend!

Top: Daisy Fuentes Shorts: Hollister 
Sunnies: 80s Purple Bag: Harajuku Lovers


*elvi* said...

I am happy just looking at your pictures...and I am sooo jealous!! Have fun!

Andrea Grace said...

thanks for your comment, you have a very playful and fun style!

vintagelillies said...

Wow, looks like a ton of fun! I love the castle! Did you go inside? I've always wanted to go inside a castle :)