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  Sooo... my first official post. How exciting, right? Part of my plan for my blog is to have little features on the new/popular styles I've seen. So here it goes. 

     The two most popular shoe styles right now seem to be oxfords and combat boots. I’ve seen them everywhere from runways to music videos; even around school. I just recently got my first pair of oxfords which I have fallen completely in love with. (I practically wear them with everything.) Girls and guys are rocking the two different styles. They’re versatile and anyone can wear them which only adds to their awesomeness. Oxfords give off a more preppy style but they go with almost everything. I personally like pairing them with dresses and Capri pants-but that’s just me. Combats on the other hand give outfits a very hard, edgy look. I’ve seen a lot of people wear them with soft, flowing pieces, usually in light colors, to give their outfits a sense of contrast. I think both are pretty chic, but I want to know what you think! Comments are appreciated. :)

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KathleenCarla. said...

omgosh i seriously NEED and yearn combat boots!! hehe, specially the ones w/ a chunky heel (for that extra comfort). thx for following lovely, am now a follower too <3.